Friday, 1 April 2016

Science Experiment

This week we did a very exciting science experiment. The aim of this experiment was to see what happens when we boil the coke. Before we started the experiment, we made predictions. We predicted that it might change colours, make lots of bubbles, it might blow up, pop like a popcorn, or it might disappear.

First, we need coke, pot, spoon, and a burner to do this experiment.
Then, we poured in a cup of coke into the pot and turned on the burner.

It started to make lots of bubbles!

Miss Min stirred the coke so that nothing sticks on the pot.


Look! All the liquid that is in coke dissolved and only the sugar was left. Coke became thick and sticky. When it cooled down, it became hard like a lolly! There are lots of sugar in coke so lets drink water and milk instead!


  1. Yuk Room 3, the coke looks awful when you boiled it. I wouldn't like to eat it

  2. I like your science you look very smart and i hope one day you all will be good at science

  3. Hi Room 3,
    What is the purpose of doing that science experiment. The coke looks very disgusting when it is boiled. Did anyone volunteer to taste it?. If anyone did please reply that answer to me please.