Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Wearing lava lava

This week our inquiry focus is on Samoan and Tongan clothes. 
Lava lava is a Samoan clothing but lots of Pasifika people wear them. 

Here's us wearing lava lava !

Lava lava can be worn by anyone, anywhere, at anytime! (Maybe not during winter). 

Science Experiment 2

What will happen to the raisins when it goes into a cup of fizzy drink?

We observed that as soon as we put the raisins into the cup, it started to move up and down.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Making Suafa'i

Suafa'i is a Samoan banana soup. 
First, we had to peel some bananas and put in the saucepan with water. 

When it started to boil we saw lots of white bubbles. 

Then, Miss Min mashed the bananas and added tapiocas. 

After a while, tapiocas became translucent. 
Lastly, we added coconut milk and stirred, and left it to cool down. 

Some of us really enjoyed eating Suafa'i but some of use didn't quite like it. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Writing- week3

Today we wrote about what we would do for our children when we become a parent in the future.

If I was a dad I would let my children watch scary movies. Also I would read them a scary story. I would take my children to the movies. I want to be a kind dad.

By Kingston Katoa

When I become a mum I would take them to the pools and I would let them do the handstand and cartwheels. I will teach my kids how to become a teacher and how to make dinner for us to eat. I will help them. I want to be a happy mum like my mum. I will never ever growl at my children.

By Emeline Maupese

If I become a mum I would let my children go to school everyday. They will go to the pools. I would let them go the the park. I want to be a good mum.

By Helen Vaitohi

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Science Experiment- Newspaper

We wanted to find out what kind of newspaper will fall on the ground first. 
Flat newspaper or scrunched up newspaper?

It was important to drop the two pieces of newspaper at the same time and from the same height. 

Which one fell on the ground first?

Taekwondo- session 1

Today was our first day to learn Taekwondo.
It is important that we only practice Taekwondo during the session, not any other time.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Pests display at our school!

Come and visit our school from 1.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday to see what our school did for Te Oro inquiry display. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Today Miss Min brought lots of feijoas to share with the class.
It was sweet and sour. Yum!

Samoa and Tonga

This term our inquiry unit is Pasifika- Samoa and Tonga.
Today we learnt the names of the main islands and the capital city of Samoa and Tonga. 

We also looked at the pictures of what the capital cities look like with the tablets.