Monday, 15 May 2017

Writing- week3

Today we wrote about what we would do for our children when we become a parent in the future.

If I was a dad I would let my children watch scary movies. Also I would read them a scary story. I would take my children to the movies. I want to be a kind dad.

By Kingston Katoa

When I become a mum I would take them to the pools and I would let them do the handstand and cartwheels. I will teach my kids how to become a teacher and how to make dinner for us to eat. I will help them. I want to be a happy mum like my mum. I will never ever growl at my children.

By Emeline Maupese

If I become a mum I would let my children go to school everyday. They will go to the pools. I would let them go the the park. I want to be a good mum.

By Helen Vaitohi


  1. Really interesting ideas about being a mum or dad. I like being a mum to my 2 daughters.

    1. Your 2 daughters are lucky to have you as their mum!

      From Paea

  2. You guys are awesome! I love that you all want to be good parents.

    1. Thank you for reading some of our stories!

      From Kiana