Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Wearing lava lava

This week our inquiry focus is on Samoan and Tongan clothes. 
Lava lava is a Samoan clothing but lots of Pasifika people wear them. 

Here's us wearing lava lava !

Lava lava can be worn by anyone, anywhere, at anytime! (Maybe not during winter). 


  1. Hi room 5 I love wearing lavalavas they are so comfortable mind you I don't wear them in the winter it is far far far to cold. Mrs Shortland

  2. I like your lava lavas Room 5, I don't wear them as they fall off when I do.

  3. Did u steal my lavalava Emeline? hahahahahaha just kidding! You all look amazing.

    Seki a Room 5!

  4. you all look amazing in your lava lava

  5. Yous look amazing in those lava lava and yous also look like me when i dress up when i go anywhere and also a nice picture.